Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week Two!

     Here is another letter from Elder Jensen! Also Elder Jensen wanted to let everyone that there is a website that allows you to send a letter to any missionary in the MTC. The day you write it is the day he gets it. The website is called Take advantage of this Elder Jensen will appreciate it! Here's another letter:

Another week has gone by. All of the days seem to blur together, it's because we are constantly doing something all day. And it's all Portuguese, studying, eating more Portuguese, and then more studying. It's all good though, it just makes the week go by fast. 

So I guess I'll explain who everyone is in my district. I'm going off of the last picture I sent to you mom, it's the e-mail that you replyed to and it's the one of everyone in front of the MTC map. I'll will also be going from left to right, back to front. First is Elder Carmon on the left. He's from San Fransisco and he's always has a joke or something funny to share. Then the nerdy looking one is obviously me, not much to say about him :) Elder Fernadez is literally one of the funniest people I've ever met. He's from Texas and he just does and says the most random things, it's sooo funny. He's the one who wore basketball shorts over his overalls. So funny. Next is Elder Junge, and he is my companion. He's from Wisconsin and he's a great companion to have. He's a hard worker and excited about the gospel. Then there is Elder Richards from Virginia. He's really similar to me by the fact that we like similar things. Elder Derby is from New York and he's pretty chill and super smart. Elder Foelle is from Sacramento Cali, and I think I get along with him the best out of the district. He's super nice and we're a lot alike. Elder Kraudy is from Nebraska, but he isn't with us anymore, because he already got his visa! so jealous, he's in São Paulo right now. now to the front, there is Elder Ditlevson who is from California and was hard to get to know at first. he's an older missionary. I think he's 22, anyway he is really obedient and a good example for us all. Now there are the Sisters. Sister Hansen is from Colorado and she is one of the better Portuguese speakers in the district. Sister Jones is from Oregon, actually from Eugene so she's a Ducks fan. Sister Phillips is from Tennessee and has a pretty cool southern accent. And then there is Sister Bledsoe; she's from California as well and she likes to laugh a lot. So ya our district is the best district in the MTC.

Not much else happened this week. Hannah Boyle supposedly came this week, but I haven't run into her yet. But Alec Coman from the Liberty Lake ward is a couple of rooms away from me know, so that's cool. O and Irmão Beck (that's our teacher's name) taught us the coolest phase ever! It's "vou acabar com tua raça!" literally it means "I will end your race!" you say it to someone to talk some trash. It was the best when he taught it to us. \

By the way thanks for sending a dear elder mom! I felt loved :) it was good to hear how everybody is doing. Congrats Spencer on the race! 16:06 is awesome! e muito Otimo! keep up the good workI brag about how fast you are to everyone. And by the way how did the team do? keep me updated on how you and the team do and also how school is. I showed a picture of you syblings and the sisters in my district all had a comment on how cute my sisters are! good job girls, making your brothers look better! ;) O and before I forget; Megan, there is a sister in my zone that lokks exactly like you will when your my age. It's actually really weird how much she looks like you. 

Mom, first off I miss you. second, I have been trying to think of things that I need, and i actually need a couple more work out shirts and socks. we have more gym time than I had anticipated. Also I need letters and addresses. please send those thanks. O my goodness I am running out of time. an hour isn't enough. love you all thank you for your prayers. i need them. I'll keep praying for you guys. Good Luck in school Hannah Megan and Spenc! The Gospel's true! 

Tchau Tchau!

Elder Jensen

Sunday, September 8, 2013

We got the first letter from Elder Steven Jensen!

Here it is:

Meu Familia!

Well I guess you didn't get my letter that I sent last Friday. We got to hand write a letter saying that we're okay to our families when we got here, so I don't know what happened. Our P-Day is on Friday, but for some reason we had to skip it last week, so thats why I didn't write sooner. Anyway I loved to hear how everyone was doing. School sounded like it went great. Hannah don't worry, just push through it, you'll fit in perfectly. Good luck at Finch Arburedum Spenc! Megan that's awesome that you're doing Cross Country; you'll do great! I got a letter from dad a few days ago, and it sounded like he was doing great. Speaking of letters, tell everyone to do Dear Elder! it's free while I'm at the MTC and it delivers the same day as they get it, so take advantage of that and tell EVERYONE to do it if they so choose. 

This week and a half has been a crazy one. From the moment that I was here, it was non-stop go go go. And to be honest it was really really hard for the first 4 days. We taught our first lesson in Portuguese last Friday, and we have had 3 others since then! The first 4 days we were constantly going to meetings and lessons, and we didn't know where anything was, and were just plain confused. There were times that I was tempted to quit; it was really hard. Learning Portuguese that first couple of day was extremely hard; we were just thrown in and we had no choice but to start swimming. But what kept me going was all of the people here, especially my district. i think that I have the best district/companion in the MTC. My companion's name is Elder Junge and he is awesome. He's from Wisconsin and he loves life and the gospel, I'm really glad that we're companions. The other elders and sisters in my district are soo great. everyone gets along so well that sometimes it's hard to focus on what we're supposed to. :) There's Elders Richards and Fernandez ( both coming to Belo with me and Elder Junge) Carmon and Ditlevson, and Kraudy, Foelle, and Derby (all going to Sao Paulo interlagos, Elder Kraudy already got his visa! Crazy!) and then there are the sisters. Sisters Jones and Hansen are going to Belo, and Sister's Phillips and Bledsoe are going to Sao Paulo. Anyway they are so awesome. Even though the first few days were extremely difficult, it was all worth it on Monday. It was such a good day. The food was good, our Portuguese was progressing really well, and I just felt confident for the first time since being here.  but the best part was that night, our district was done with all of our lessons and we decided to have a testimony meeting with our extra time. I have never felt the spirit so string in a testimony meeting before. Everyone told a story of when they were going through difficult trials, but they overcame them because of their faith in Christ. Needless to say it was amazing. 

Well i think I'm running out of time. I wish I could say more, but i just can't. Go to Dear Elder ( and send me some letters individually so I know specifically who everyone is doing. and if you could do one favor for me and find as many of my missionary friends addresses as you can. There are some in my green BYU-Idaho notebook under Spencer's bed, but also find out as my of my friend's addresses like McKay's and Brenden Bivens. If you could that would be great. and I'll send pictures later today. I love you all, talk with you next week! 

Fica chique! 

Elder Jensen

P.S. that means stay classy. :)

It's good to hear from our missionary!

Here is some pictures from Elder Jensen at the MTC!

FYI: Steven did not have time to tell us about the pictures so we are not sure who everyone is!

Elder Jensen at the MTC!

Elder Jensen on P-Day! Which are Fridays by the way... We are not sure what they were about to do! 

 We are guessing that's his First companion, Elder Junge!

Here is everyone in the mission! I'm guessing... 

We will keep you posted! 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Saying Goodbye...

Saying Goodbye is Hard!

On Wednesday August 28, 2013 at 4:30 in the morning we took Elder Steven Jensen to the Spokane Airport to send him to the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center (MTC)!

We all were very tired, but we did not want to miss the opportunity to say goodbye to Elder Jensen. 

Mom and Elder Jensen

The Family: (Left to right) Spencer, Michaeleen, Elder Jensen, Hannah and Megan

 Steven and the Cousins: (Left to Right) Josh, Ashley, Elder Jensen, Andrew, Amy and Paul

Mom and Elder Jensen...again

 Elder Jensen and Spencer...We had to have a picture with the two brothers

 Goodbye See You in Two Years!